One-Hour call

Breakthrough Session

You decide what we talk about and what the goal is. I help you understand the problem in your thoughts and feelings so you can reach your goal!These sessions are now only available to members of Mastering the Illusion. Click the button below to learn more about the monthly subscription program. If you would like more information about working with me, just scroll down to keep reading.


Learn to Do Your Own Thing!

You know what keeps you stuck more often than not?Worrying about what other people are thinking.
Fear of what happens if...
Not having all the answers or knowing what's going to happen before it does.
Do you want to know something?These are things we just have to learn to deal with within ourselves. They exist whether we're confident or not. They exist whether we want them to or not. It's the part where we let them stop us that's the problem.Most of the time the "thinking problem" is just the story you're telling yourself about what's happening or what's going to happen. That's the story I'll be questioning. That's the story we'll be working to breakthrough.We might trip over some old pain along the way. But the idea is that if we can break up the story and you can clear up your perception, you'll be able to give yourself permission to move forward anyway.How much we can do in an hour is up to you!

Learn to manage yourself within the experience

What is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is learning how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behavior without trying to control the external experience. It's an internal process of understanding how your thoughts and feelings are keeping you from reaching the goal you want to reach.Self-mastery is the process I was intuitively taken through during my own healing process. I was later shown the bigger picture of what I had worked through so that I could teach it to others.The process itself is concrete in nature. By learning how to pay attention to and manage your thinking you can gain emotional awareness and shift your behavior. By changing your responses to what happens around you, you change what happens around you.Change happens not because you force the outside world to change, but because you change yourself within the experience so that the experience changes as a result of your new response.Using what I've learned about self-mastery, I will show you how to use these same ideas to allow yourself to live the life you want to live.How do I know how to do that?Because I've had to use these same techniques to heal myself and shift my own life. I've learned that by changing my response to what's happening around me, everything shifts.In the hour we spend together, I'll begin to show you how to do the same thing for yourself by understanding what you're trying to achieve, questioning your thinking around what you're doing, understanding how you're feeling, and then showing you what the path is to get to where you want to go.Will I fix it completely in an hour?Nope, probably not. This is a breakthrough session, which means I'll point you in the direction of the breakthrough and offer you the aha moments you need, but the rest will be up to you.

The Details

What You Get

This package includes:

  • A one-hour private call with me to breakthrough whatever you're stuck in.

  • Energy Clearing

  • A follow-up with me a few days later to see how things are going.

  • Additional energy clearing as needed.

One-Time Payment

$175 CAD

Breakthrough Sessions are only available to members of Mastering the Illusion.Once you have subscribed, you will find the subscriber only link to simply request a session. From there I will send you a payment link and a calendar link to book your session.Click the button below to join Mastering the Illusion.

Make Your Own Choices

You're In Charge!

When you're not confident you struggle to make your own choices. You think other people won't like the choices you've made.I didn't make my own choices for years until I understood one key thing:My power is within me and I don't have to give it away.You too can keep your power within you,. You don't have to give your power away to anybody, including me.I'm not here to question your goals. I'll never tell you not to do something. I want you to be happy, whatever that means for you.My job is to offer you ways of looking at things that maybe you haven't thought of before. My job is to notice the pain and figure out where it's coming from. My job isn't to stop you, punish you, grade you, or judge you.When you bring your goals to me and ask for help, what you're telling me is you're in your head about whatever it is. That's okay. I'm here to help you get out of your head if you want to.The truth is, I can't make you do anything in an hour. If you don't want to talk about it, then we don't talk about it. If you don't want to share, then you don't share. If you choose to ignore everything I've offered you in the hour and walk away without doing anything, that's up to you.These choices are yours. I'll do the best I can to give you a path forward. Whether you take it or not is always up to you. No, I won't be mad if you don't do it.It's your life. Live it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to subscribe to Mastering the Illusion to work with you?
    I'm looking to work with people that are actively trying to incorporate spiritual self-mastery into their lives and ways of being in the world. To me, the people that are most likely to be actively doing that, are the ones that are subscribed to Mastering the Illusion.

  • Do I need to request a new session every time I want one?
    Yes. You will have to request every individual session you want to book outside of a package.

  • If I send in the request form, am I obligated to purchase something?
    No. There is no obligation attached to filling in the form.

  • Can I book the session and then cancel my subscription immediately?
    Yes, but I'd probably have questions.

  • What if I need to reschedule the appointment?
    Life happens. You can reschedule through the calendar up to 48 hours in advance. After that, just reach out to me. I'm happy to work with you.

  • Do you offer a refund policy?
    Yes as long as you cancel it prior to the session. If you just skip the session without cancelling it, no refund will be offered.

  • What is an energy clearing session?
    If you've never had one, these are 10 to 15 minute camera-free sessions where I tune into your energy field to clear it. I can intuitively see your energy field, your chakras, and every connection you have (past, present, and future) to people, places, and things both in this lifetime and beyond.
    Energy clearing sessions are a simple way for me to help keep you energetically clear as you do your healing work. This makes a big difference over time, whether you're sensitive to the energy or not.

  • How do I book my session?
    Once payment has been processed, PayPal should redirect you to my calendar to immediately book your session. If not, just reach out and I'll send you a calendar link.

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